About Altitude Services

Thinking about using altitude training?We provide expert guidance in applying the science and practicality of altitude simulation to your circumstances.

Whether you’re an athlete wanting to unleash your full potential, a health club wishing to create a viable new income stream, a professional athletic team looking for a cost-effective means to derive the benefits of altitude training or a horse trainer looking to give your horses a legal performance benefit – we can help you by providing a combination of scientifically proven/validated options.

We provide fully quoted, installed, commissioned turn-key altitude installations.

From the most basic individual single use athlete systems, to high tech multi-room/stall training facilities our team of builders, engineers, exercise scientists, veterinarians, dietitians and conditioning staff offer a one-stop shop for all your altitude requirements.

Who Are We?

Rod Cedaro
(B. App. Sc. M. App. Sc. MESSA Dip. Ed.)
General Manager

Rod holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and has consulted to various sporting organisations throughout the world including the Australian Institute of Sport, the Australian and International Olympic Committees, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Singapore Sports Council and the International Triathlon Union.

An avid athlete himself, Rod has competed internationally as an elite runner (Brisbane Marathon Course Record holder), duathlete (run/bike/run – 5th at the 1991 World Championships) and triathlete (1990 Australian Ironman Triathlon Champion and top 20 finisher at the famed Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon)


David Evans
BVSc (Hons II), PhD (Veterinary Physiology)
Equine Consultant

Altitude Services is proud to announce the securing of consultancy services for our equine division of internationally acclaimed equine sports physiologist, Professor David Evans.

David’s involvement in the Thoroughbred industry dates back to 1975 when he spent several years after graduating with a Vet Science degree in veterinary practice prior to completing his PhD in equine exercise physiology. This resulted in subsequent academic employment at the University of Sydney, Australia and various consultancies throughout the world. David’s areas of expertise include exercise training, fitness testing and cardiovascular conditioning of horses.

If you’re looking to optimize the performance of elite equine racing talent by nurturing that talent to maximize ROI and minimize the risk of injury, all based on scientifically proven and globally recognized scientific principles, Altitude Services is your logical business partner


Dr Peter Lewis
M.B., B.S., Dip Sports Med
Sports Physician

Internationally recognised sports doctor, Dr. Peter Lewis, who is an expert in weight management and combat sports has joined the team at Altitude Services.

Dr Peter Lewis has been an Australian registered medical practitioner since 1983. In 1988, he completed a post-graduate diploma in Sports Medicine. He is considered an expert in the field of sports medicine, including platelet rich plasma (PRP), a regenerative medicine treatment utilising the patient’s own blood.

In his medical practice he has advocated lifestyle modification ahead of medication and believes in empowering patients to heal themselves in preference to developing dependency on drugs.

Dr Lewis has a developed significant physical skills and manual dexterity through his martial arts training and teaching over 37 years and has attained the recognition of 4th Dan. He is head instructor at the Malvern Martial Arts Centre.

In 1985, Dr Lewis established the ReCreation Medical Centre general practice clinic, which he still owns and manages today. Currently, it comprises of 9 doctors and several allied health practitioners in the fields of psychology, massage therapy, exercise physiology, dietetics, podiatry, and optometry. He is the current chairman of the Australasian Ringside Medical Association and the presiding doctor for most boxing and kickboxing fights in Victoria.

Dr Lewis regularly attends and presents at international medical conferences on sports and martial arts injuries. He has also written many articles on this topic, including a chapter on the assessment of concussion in the World Boxing Council (WBC) book on boxing injuries.

Dr Lewis is the CEO of the educational centre, The Malvern Institute, 6th Floor, 460 Bourke St, Melbourne.

Altitude Services Pty. Ltd. is utilizing Dr. Lewis’s expertise in combat sports to refine the application of this technology to this athletic market group – including the installation of a 6m X 6m training ring at Dr. Lewis’s Malvern training facility.

Additionally, Dr. Lewis runs a successful weight management practice. Recent peer reviewed, scientific research by Lippl et al illustrated an increase in concentration of the “hunger hormone” –  Leptin – which suppresses hunger, during mountain altitude exposure. Dr. Lewis and the team at Altitude Services Pty. Ltd. are working together to quantify the impact of the “sleep high, train low” altitude philosophy (via altitude simulation) on hunger suppression and weight management in overweight patients – a world first.