Altitude Services gives Randy Petalcorin the Razor’s Edge

Innovative promoter and manager Peter Maniatis contacted Altitude Services General Manager, Rod Cedaro, back in September having heard about the training and performance edge associated with altitude training.

“I work with a young boxer – Randy “The Razor” Petalcorin. He’s an incredible talent, I think he’s got the ability to go all the way and I want to ensure he has every opportunity to do so. When I heard about the work that Rod and his team at Altitude Services have been doing with athletes I thought, this is the legal edge we’ve been looking for.”

In the space of 3 weeks Altitude Services had built a purpose designed boxing ring enclosure as well as a sleeping dormitory for the young Pilipino prodigy.

“When I first started sparing in the altitude ring I was short of breath and really struggled. Under Rod’s direction we built up my training slowly and I started sleeping in my altitude room in the lead up to my last fight. Rod and the team at Altitude Services helped me out with my training and nutrition program going into the fight. At the start of the program I really struggled, it was new and different, but by the time I started to come into fight week I felt like a new man. I was in the best shape of my life!”

It is history now that Randy knocked out seasoned campaigner Samransak Singmanasakv in early November. As he prepares for his next bout in early 2014 you can bet altitude training and Altitude Services will be part of this future superstar’s preparation.