Double Altitude Stall Nears Completion

Altitude Services Pty. Ltd. is pleased to announce yet another double altitude stall nears completion at a new private racing stable. General Manager Rod Cedaro stated, “Since working with a number of owners and trainers over the last six months interest has continued to grow in simulated altitude training within the equine racing world. We’ve continued to produce high quality stalls throughout Australia and more recently New Zealand for both the Thouroughbred and Pacing (Trotting) communities.” Cedaro is now heading to China to enter into discussions with racing interests in both Hong Kong and mainland China in the coming week.

“While Altitude Services Pty. Ltd. developed out of a need to rectify faulty equipment purchased from the United States, it is interesting to see the level of interest we’ve been able to generate. My desire is to diversify out of the equine market. We’ve already been working with athletes in combat sports and in the near future we’ll be entering into an agreement with a state government department to build a 32 bed dormitory for athletes at a high profile training facility – we’ll be able to discuss this further in the coming weeks. However I believe most of our growth is likely to come from the weight management market which holds huge potential with some 60% of the Australian population either overweight or obese” commented Cedaro recently