Partnership with Danny O’Brien

Altitude Services is pleased to announce we have recently taken over the repairs and retrofit of high altitude training stalls at Danny O’Brien’s Flemington Racecourse training facility.

Purchased from a company in the United States by owner of Cox Plate winner Shamas Award (Mr. Sean Buckley), the stalls from the United States have lay dormant for nearly 3 months.

“Between the electricity supply not being Australian compliant, air-conditioning systems failing, air filtration systems going down, rubber matting having to be replaced, this whole process has been an ordeal from the onset” remarked Mr. O’Brien recently.

“I feel really sorry for Sean, the physiology behind the stalls is sound and we really look forward to using altitude as part of our future preparation, however in this instance, Sean was sold a very expensive lemon and it has, and is, costing him a small fortune to repair and make these stalls imported from the United States functional.”

Altitude Services is working closely with Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Buckley to ensure not only are the US sourced stalls rendered functional but also to improve their design as well as install a purpose built altitude training and testing facility at Mr. O’Brien’s Flemington facility in early 2014.