Retrofit Nears Completion

There’s an old adage that says; “anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time”.

Unfortunately not everyone lives by the same moral code and desire for excellence.

After more than 8 months of dysfunction, the altitude stalls purchased from Advanced Altitude 365 of the United States are nearing the completion of comprehensive retrofits as shown by the accompanying photos. So shady has this company’s dealings been globally that they have been forced to rebrand their company “Elite Altitude 24/7” – but rest assured they are the same shysters and scoundrels.

retrofit_pic1 retrofit_pic2 retrofit_pic3
Above: USA stalls – manufactured by Advanced Altitude 365 or Elite Altitude 24/7, or whatever they are calling themselves this week – are pulled apart and completely rebuilt by Altitude Services Pty Ltd

“We’re gutted by the whole experience with Advanced Altitude 365, or as they now call themselves, Elite Altitude 24/7. The whole scenario has left us disappointed and we all feel a bit deflated” remarked Dr. Toby Koenig of Ultra Thoroughbreds. “We were promised the world and spent considerable funds and time to import these stalls and from the onset all my team and I have had has been broken promises and problems such as running equipment failures, inefficient air filtration, poorly designed stalls with exposed nails, etc. This is in-spite of the stalls still being under warranty and repeated requests to the supplier to repair them. They took our backer’s money and ran. The final straw was when many of our horses started tying up in training and competition so we decided to shelve the altitude simulation project until such time as the stalls could be fully repaired. We’re most excited that that time is now nearing just in time for the Spring Racing Carnival later this year” said Dr. Koenig.

Altitude Services Pty. Ltd. has been forced to demolish significant sections of the defective stalls and replace all the running gear with state-of-the-art hypoxic gas generators and upgraded air filtration systems.

Above: Altitude Services Pty Ltd retrofits and installs state of the art running gear to replace faulty equipment supplied fro Elite Altitude 24/7

Head construction foreman of Altitude Services, Brad Costello shook his head and commented; “When the stalls first arrived in Australia they had to be completely re-wired to meet Australian Safety Standards. The owner had paid $85,000 for steel transport/lifting bases, what he got was timber skids which resulted in the pine structures cracking when we tried to lift and position the stalls. Now that we’ve had to completely gut them I’m amazed at just how they have been built from the outset, they certainly wouldn’t meet the rigorous standards required here in Australia for such structures. We’ve had to replace rubber matting, patch up exposed timber that horses were chewing through, the air filtration systems failed resulting in the A/C systems becoming completely clogged
which led to a highly volatile and dangerous environment for the horses.”

Eight months in and literally hundreds of thousands more dollars spent in rectification work and Altitude Services is pleased with the progress.
“Another month or so and this mess should be completely resolved. So far 21 of the 36 tiny Higher Peak hypoxic gas generators which were originally installed have failed. Compared to the massive commercial systems we’ve replaced them with to ensure adequate air-flow and purity there’s simply no comparison. When you’re dealing with livestock valued in the millions of dollars you simply can’t cut corners and unfortunately we see this approach time and time again from backyard operators in this industry such as Elite Altitude 24/7 or whatever they are calling themselves this week” commented Costello.