What A Mess

Back in September of this year representatives of O’Brien’s Racing Stables and Ultra Thoroughbred Racing – owners of Cox Plate winning horse Shamus Award – met with the Australian representative/agent of the American company “Advanced Altitude 365” (AA365), David Wrout and reviewed the failed technology provided by this company.

In order to protect others in the racing industry from these sub-standard products, Altitude Services has been provided with the following photographic evidence supplied by Ultra Racing.

Altitude Services continues to work closely with O’Brien’s Racing Stables and Ultra Thoroughbred racing to repair these stalls. The dangerous gas concentrations measured within the stalls – which caused severe respiratory complications with one horse – greatly exceeded the capacity of the sub-standard air filtration systems provided by AA365.

This resulted in the need to completely replace both the filtration system(s) and air conditioning systems – which were destroyed by the waste gas accumulation.

All of the above problems were acknowledged and agreed upon with Mr. David Wrout (Advanced Altitude 365’s) Australian agent, when reviewing the failed systems with representatives of the stables and Ultra Thoroughbred Racing.

Advanced Altitude 365 were made aware of these defects and the fact that the systems would not be used until the problems had been rectified.

Altitude Services has only recently completed (mid-November) repairs/improvements to and commissioned the defective AA365 stalls.

Altitude Services has now been commissioned to build eight new altitude stalls and an altitude training room at the racing stable along with VO2max testing capacity and gait analysis facilities at the stables.

Ultra Thoroughbred Racing, who initially purchased this faulty equipment warns prospective clients interested in utilizing simulated altitude systems to be wary of any claims made by Advanced Altitude 365 or its Australian agent/representative, Mr. David Wrout.

Ultra Thoroughbred Racing is currently in the process of instigating legal proceedings against both AA365 direct and their Australian agent/representative for damages and misrepresentation.

Tennis Ball Solution
David Wrout’s “tennis ball” solution to excessive vibration issue
Exposed wood chewed by horses
Exposed wood chewed by horses creating a splintering hazard for their mouths
Generators delivered with no covers
Generators delivered with no covers not conforming to Australian Safety Standards
Face plates on generators cracking
Face plates on generators cracking due to excessive vibration from systems
Protruding screws creating an injury risk for horses
Urine soaked and buckled floors.
Water progressively soaking into “water-proof” flooring